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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning For Your Office

You have an Edmonton business to run, things to do, and employees to work with- the last thing on your mind should be cleaning your Office Carpet. However, your Edmonton office is a hub of activity: client meetings, office get togethers, and people walking around. With so much everyday traffic, it’s no surprise that dirt, grime, and dust accumulate on your carpet. If left untreated or uncleaned, your favourite office rug could seriously harm your business.

Protect Your Staff and Business

Did you know? Working in a clean and tidy environment accelerates employee motivation and promotes a positive workplace atmosphere. In a business that is powered by your employees, the last thing you want is them to become ill. Harmful bacteria can live between the fibers of your rug and cause humans diseases. In addition to sick employees, your dirty office carpet can hinder your professional image. The path to happy, healthy employees starts with your carpet. So take a step in the right direction with GOLD Cleaning.

Get a GOLD Standard of Carpet Cleaning!

Our services available are fit your needs and your budget. No matter your busy office schedule, we can work around you to ensure your Commercial Space and carpets receive high a quality cleaning. We are a family owned and operated business whose main focus is YOU. We offer one-time cleaning options, once a week, or even 5 days a week. All of our services come with a GOLD standard of clean. No matter your requirements, GOLD Cleaning can add a Gold Touch to your Edmonton office.

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Free Consultation

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